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Anti Aging Eye Patch

EUR 58.94

MAIN INGREDIENTS Ginkgo Biloba; Chamomile; Horse Chestnut Extract; Aloe Vera; Jojoba Oil.

PRINCIPLE FUNCTIONS - Fight free radicals and stimulate peripheral circulation (Ginkgo Biloba); - Soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory (Chamomile); - Effectively lighten dark circles under the eyes by thickening the skin and strengthening fragile capillaries (Horse chestnut extract); - Soothing and healing (Aloe Vera); - Easily absorbed by the skin, light yet hydrating, and works well with most skin types (Jojoba Oil).

RECOMMENDED FOR - All skin types; - Fine lines around the eyes; - Puffiness; - Dark circles.

EFFECTS - Promotes a lifting and revitalizing eye effect, improving the microcirculation around the eyes, reducing dark circles and puffiness.

USAGE - Cleanse the skin. - Open the sachet and apply the mid-moon sachets around the eyes. Leave for 15-20 minutes. - Use 1x per week.

PRESENTATION 5 Anti-aging Patches (2units) | 5 Anti-aging Flash Ampoules (2ml) 

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