Welcome to Dermatec

Ghaxaq By-Pass, Ghaxaq
Tel: 21 66 22 00       Mobile: 77 77 99 29

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Our Story

Dermatec Med Aesthetic Clinic is proud to provide both medical and aesthetical treatments using state of the art equipment to give the best results possible. We are ongoing upgrading our equipment with the latest innovative machinery whilst also continuously introducing new technologies to offer the best service ever to our clientele.

At Dermatec, one will find a dedicated team to cater for the specific needs of our clients, who are ready to help and give the best advise and solutions to satisfy our clientele's requests.

An Idea is Born

Our Mission

Our main goal is Customer Satisfaction. At Dermatec, we are always investing in innovative state of the art equipment to provide our clients with the safest treatment whilst providing the desired results. We are also continiously providing our staff with training programmes on innovative treatments so as to ensure the highest standards in our services provided.

Why we are different

At Dermatec Med Aesthetic Clinics, we all work as a team and treat our clients as part of our family, aiming to achieve the best results but at affordable costs. We are mainly focused on customer satisfaction rather than solely on the revenue generated from our happy returning clients.