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Antiestrias Stretchmark Cream

EUR 44.52

MAIN INGREDIENTS - Horsetail; - Vitamin F; - Organic Silicon; - Rosehip Oil; - Asian Centella.

PRINCIPLE FUNCTIONS - Reduces stretch marks and combats accidity (Horsetail); - Restores the moisture and promotes cell regeneration and skin tissue(Vitamin F); - Stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin bres, necessary to provide elasticity to the tissues (Organic Silicon); - Regenerates the damaged tissue and helps prevent stretch marks(Rosehip); - Anti-inammatory, healing and restores the structure of elastic tissue (Asian Centella).

RECOMMENDED FOR - Prevention and treatment of stretch marks of any nature; - Recommended for pre-natal and pos-natal.

EFFECTS - Reduces the risk of appearance of stretch marks, increasing the elasticity of the skin.

USAGE - Apply the cream once or twice a day in the area to be treated and adjacent areas, with a gentle massage until complete absorption.


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