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Thread Vein Removal – What Are Thread Veins And How Can Diathermy Help?

Advanced Diathermy successfully treats many skin imperfections including Telangiectasia, (thread veins) Campbell de Morgans (Cherry Spots), Spider Naevi, Skin Tags and Milia to name just a few.

Advanced diathermy treatments can be a rewarding treatment to have as the results are often instantly visible.

How does electrolysis treatment work for thread veins?

Advanced Diathermy for thread vein removal is a specialised treatment using an electrical current and just the very tip of the finest, smallest needle (or probe) possible, (about the size of an eyelash), to remove unwanted skin blemishes with no mark left on the skin.
  Diathermy enables the very different features and benefits of all three methods to be individually utilized ultimately for the effectiveness of the treatment and the benefit of the patient.

How many treatments are required ?

Under normal situations, just one treatment would be enough, but there are instances where a touch up is needed.

Are there any contra-indications ?

The contra indications for diathermy are :

- If a patient is on anti coagulants such as warfarin or asperin.

- Patients having a pace maker.

How to apply to do such a treatment ?

Very easy. If you are interested in doing this treatment, you are kindly requested to fill in the below form to apply for a prior consultation.

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