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Light Therapy Facial

LED light therapy is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive skin-care treatment that has multiple benefits—particularly stimulating collagen and treating mild to moderate acne.

LED treatments work by using an array of bright light-emitting diodes (originally developed by NASA!) that send low-level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin. Red light LED stimulates cellular activity, including the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin its plump look. That helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and mild acne scars, The results are gentle and natural without any side effects.

Blue light LED works by killing Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that lives below the surface of the skin and is responsible for acne.

Both are highly effective when part of a series—usually six treatments one to two weeks apart, followed by a maintenance treatment every month or two. LED treatments last about twenty minutes, and can be a stand-alone treatment or part of a facial. They are given by an esthetician and our discounted price for either treatment is 25 euro/ 

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