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Stretch Mark Treatment with PRP

The treatment of stretch marks with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), which is plasma rich in the patient’s platelets, is the most modern treatment, as it makes use of the growth factors found in the platelets. The growth factors are proteins, found in our blood, which have rejuvenating and regenerating characteristics. During the treatment, the platelets are activated and reinforce the restoration of the tissues which have been harmed through the activation of stem cells. Then the growth factors are infused beneath the skin with a special tool (roller) or with injections. In this way the growth factors activate the stem cells which restoring skin’s elasticity and improving the look and texture of the stretch marks.

Concerning the treatment of the stretch marks with the PRP, first a blood sampling takes place. Subsequently, centrifugation takes place so that the plasma, rich in platelets (PRP), is isolated. Finally, plasma is infused with very fine injections in those parts of the body that have stretch marks. The results are visible after the treatment, as the stretch marks start to shrink.

After great reviews and an over 90% success rate internationally, Dermatec is the first in Malta to implement  the protocol of the stretch marks’ treatment with PRP. After the stretch marks’ treatment with PRP one might have redness and mild irritation in the treated area lasting only 2 to 3 hours. The results of PRP treatment is impressive. The white-coloured stretch marks are improved by 90-95% and the red-coloured stretch marks by over 95%

PRP treatment for stretch marks is recommended to be repeated after 3 months, then continue with the MCCM Meso Therapy protocol for stretch marks to obtain best results.

The normal price for the PRP treatment is 350 euro but at present it is being offered at a special discounted price for 200 euro. Price includes also administration procedure which is performed by a qualified medical doctor.

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